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SITE UPDATE: August 9th, 1998

This Site is updated whenever The Stuff Mistress can at present. Please be patient!
The next scheduled update will be Thursday (August 13th) after 6pm.

Due to illness the Stuff Mistress has been unable to create the synopsis for Episode 5 or complete details on the Q&A Chats.
This work will be completed as soon as possible.

Season 2 script excerpts are now available: CLICK HERE to see them!
The next stage is Season 3, which hopefully will arrive a lot quicker than the Season 2 ones!
These should be available (at least in part) on Thursday 13th.

Details on how to e-mail a question to Script Executive Alex Stewart will now appear here on Thursday 13th.


There is now a regular IRC chat after each Saturday's episode.
The chat takes place on Undernet ( using port 6667: the channel name is #bureau-two
If all this means nothing to you and you'd like to know more, e-mail the Web Mistress.


The Ultimate BUGS Survey!

A web form is being compiled: watch this space for URL details.

A number of people have been asking for downloads:
including pictures of the cast or .avi/.wav files.
The matter is currently under negotiation with Carnival and a response
is now expected in time for the Thursday 13th update. Watch this space.

A brief synopses of the first 4 episodes is now available (in text only form) on the Season 4 episodes page.

This will be replaced with a Full Synopses plus pictures when the current run of Season 4 episodes has ended:
Character and Organisation pages will also be updated at this time.


The BUGS MAILING LIST is now up and running: if you'd like to be a part of this Group, e-mail the Webmistress!
Please be patient: response time for subscriptions is taking a few days due to the sheer weight of numbers.




Currently there are no plans to renew Bugs for a Fifth Season:
any newspaper reports you may have seen which suggest anything to the contrary are untrue!

Bugs will run for 8 episodes in it's current tenure on BBC1: the final two episodes are being held over to be broadcast at a later date.

It is hoped to have Viewing Figures for the currently aired episodes available in a few weeks.


STEVEN HOUGHTON replaces Craig McLachlan as ED in BUGS Series 4.

Craig McLachlan was unavailable for the fourth series and the part of ED has been recast with Steven Houghton,
good-looking star of the last series of "London’s Burning", who had a big hit with his recording of "Wind Beneath My Wings" last autumn.



The new Bugs Lineup!

Due to enormous demand, the BUGS postcards are now no longer available!
However, a Virtual Set of cards may be available at a later date.
WATCH THIS SPACE for details.


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